Palestine Solidarity Week

Palestine Solidarity Week

Palestine Solidarity Week

AES Community Rallies for Peace and Solidarity

The AES student body kicked off a week-long celebration of Palestine Solidarity Week from the 1st to the 6th of November 2023. This event, held across all branches of the institution, showcased the collective strength and unity of the AES community in Islamabad.

Response to the Gaza Massacres

During the Gaza Massacres of October 2023, our students responded with a show of solidarity and compassion. They mobilized to raise funds for the victims of Israeli brutality, demonstrating their commitment to stand in solidarity with the oppressed.

Education and Awareness Campaign

In addition to fundraising, the school initiated an awareness campaign to educate students about the history of the conflict. This campaign was designed to provide students with a broader perspective on the issue. It enabled them to engage in intelligent conversations on this sensitive topic.

Continuing Support for Victims

Despite the conclusion of Palestine Solidarity Week, the AES community continues its efforts to support the victims of the Gaza Massacres. The AES Social Services Club and the AES Executive Body are collaborating to continue working for the victims. This demonstrates the spirit of solidarity and the commitment to peace within the AES community.

Conclusion and Future Commitments

In conclusion, the AES community’s celebration of Palestine Solidarity Week was a powerful demonstration of unity, compassion, and determination. Despite the challenges faced, the spirit of solidarity remains strong. The AES community stands firm in its commitment to peace, justice, and human rights. This commitment is expressed through the phrase, “Bil Tawfiq, In Sha’Allah”.

Extending Beyond the Week-Long Celebration

The community’s efforts extend beyond the week-long celebration. They are dedicated to continuous learning, empathy building, and advocacy for peace. The AES community believes in the power of collective action. It strives to create a space where everyone feels heard and valued. The spirit of solidarity is not just confined to the week of Palestine Solidarity Week. It permeates every aspect of life at AES. The community is committed to making a difference, one student at a time.

Palestine Solidarity Week

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