Are you worried about how your child will grow up, Muslim and educated, in today’s world? Don’t, because we are right here with you every step of the way! Of course, for a Muslim child, Education is not complete without the Religious Sciences, and among the religious sciences, The Qur’an is the most integral to a child’s “Tarbiyyah”.

AES brings to you a three-year program where your child will not only learn the Qur’an under the instruction of trained Qurr’a, but also continue studying subjects like Science & Mathematics in an Evening Program developed meticulously for the Huffaaz enrolled in the AES Hifz Department. Along with the Schooling program, The AES Hifz Department offers basic Tajweed & Tafseer Courses for your child, integrated into every day learning.

A program that we are proud to offer, which is particularly close to our hearts, is the Aiwan-e-Quran program. When students enter Grade 5, they are given the opportunity to choose between continuing their normal schooling or studying to become a respected Hafiz, or Guardian, of Our Lord’s Revelation.
On average, it will take three to four years for a child to become a Hafiz within the program, so it is expected that they will be qualified for the Wafaqul Madaris Al Arabia examination by the time they reach Grade 8. This examination takes place twice a year. Qualified Hafiz will be selected to sit in front of Pakistan’s best
Quaries to be assessed on how well they have been trained. The Quari will begin by reciting a passage of the Quran which is unknown to the student. After the passage has been recited, the young Hafez will be expected to continue from where the Quari has left off, which is a challenging task. The blend of the religious and physical sciences offered by AES, and perfected by years of experience and experiments, is exactly what you need to raise a Muslim Child today. Enroll your child today, to ensure for him/her a better tomorrow!