Chairman Message

Chairman's Message

AES AIMS to create a generation that genuinely comprehensive magnitude of their history, both as Muslims and Pakistanis. A defiant youth that owns its ideology and understands the significance of the immersion of material sciences into the religious sciences, is the key to everything today we envision the youth of tomorrow in our students of today, Inshallah 

Our teaching techniques reflect depth of learning we want our students to reach. The greater the expected understanding of the students, the more active than need to be in their education. With result of a particular course, module, lesson in mind, we practice methods and strategies to achieve skills imperative to the intellect in the 21st century. The four C’s, Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Communication and Collaboration are focused in teaching methods here at AES. 

A Muslim parent’s first and foremost responsibility is the proper Tarbiyyah of their child in an era of coarseness and immorality the whole Tarbiyyah of a home can be overridden quickly by external environment that does not follow this at all. with AES, there is no need to worry about it. your child will maintain the Islamic values you have taught and learn better through our trained and professional staff and incredible creative teaching methodologies it exquisitely combines our lovely Deen with material knowledge, helping your child to identify and accept themselves as a Muslim in the 21st century. 

Mr. Almas Ayoub Sabir

Chairman AIMS Education System