About AES

History & Mission

Aims Education System was established in 1998 by Mr. Almass Ayoub Sabir and Dr. Amt-ul-Rafi with an aim to create a fusion learning experience that situates in itself the Muslim student’s religious and worldly educational needs.

The AES attempts to raise a young Muslim who understands her/his religion, and is familiar with basic Islamic values on a practical level. The school exposes students to an environment that subscribes to mainstream Islamic values without leaning towards any particular sect, encouraging the students to have a healthy, open-minded approach to religion and religious values, and accept the differences there are bound to be – thanks to Islamic dynamism – in varying interpretations of Islam.

AES Departments

The school has eighteen departments in three different domains that work together to give an exceptional schooling experience to your child.

There are separate departments for the three languages that are our primary focus here at AES English, Arabic & Urdu.

Other departments including those for the subjects of Mathematics, Science, History & Geography and Islamic Studies.

The individual development of the students concerns the departments of Home Economics & Character Building, that work alongside academics to help each child bloom to their full potential.

AES Campuses

There are a total of four AES Campuses, with the school’s head office and three branches in the heart of Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad.

› City Campus

Grades: Montessori – FA/FSc [SSC & O-Levels offered]
Segregated Classrooms : ✔

  • St#04, H-8/1, Islamabad
  • 051-2722123

› Al-Zahravi Campus

Grades: Montessori – Grade 5
Segregated Classrooms : ✖

  • Gulzar-E-Quaid, Airport Road, Rawalpindi
  • 051-5191612

› Al-Beruni Campus

Grades: Montessori – Grade 4
Segregated Classrooms :Montessori: ✖ Grades 1 -4: ✔

  • St#29, G-10/2, Islamabad
  • 051-2353397

› Ibn Al-Haytham Campus

Grades: Montessori – Grade 5
Segregated Classrooms : ✖

  • PWD, National Police Foundation, O/9, Islamabad
  • 051-5170853