Class 1

Please find attached the AES Summer Vacation Task of Grade One for the Academic Year of 2020. Alongside are the Junior Section Book Review Pro Forma(s) of Urdu & English and a Parental Guideline for guardians to go through before the students begin the task.

All Parents are advised to read the Parental Guideline carefully and try to abide by the instructions within so their children (and our dear students) can benefit fully from the potential of these specifically designed academic tasks.

You will also find attached a pdf. of the classic English Fairy Tale The Adventures of Pinocchio. For more details, read the Summer Task and the Parental Guide.
Over the span of the next few days, the AES administration will be uploading the Summer Vacation Tasks for every grade. We request our parents to wait patiently. Our creative team is putting in a huge effort to deliver to you and, In Sha’Allah, Vacation Tasks for all grades will be uploaded to our website and shared across all School-run Social Media grade-wise in the upcoming days.

Parental Guide for AES Summer Task

Summer Vacation Task 2020_ Grade 1

The Adventures of Pinocchio