Message of Chairman & Co-Chairperson

Chairman’s message

Mr. Almass Ayoub Sabir is the founder of AIMS Education System. He is Educational Planner and Administrator. He founded AIMS Education System in 1998. He has the honor to initiate more than a dozen educational institutes. He started his career in 1993 and founded a business school with the name of SIBA. He is also Founding Chairman of Institute (University) of Southern Punjab, Multan.

Mr. Almass Ayoub Sabir
is a graduate of Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad. He did MPA from Department of Administrative Science, Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad in 1991. He is an active and innovates person always thinking about new ideas. He always creates new target and task for himself.

AIMS Education System
is his brainchild. He not only conceived the idea but also materialized it very successfully. He believes in making possible what people believe impossible by the grace of ALLAH ALMIGHTY.His strong believe in ALLAH SUBHANOTALA made him successful in his life. Institute (University) of Southern Punjab, Multan is established in July’ 2010 as a dream of Mr. Almass Ayoub Sabir and his friend Mr. Asim Nazir Ahmed. Both started their career in 1993 as companion and partner. Both worked with missionary zeal and got what they thought.

Chairperson’s message

Dr. Amat-ul-rafi is Co-founder of AIMS Education System.
She is Ph.D in Comparative Religion and Eminent Scholar of Islamic Studies. She is associated with AIMS Education System since its inception. Her main area of interest is academics and EPM-Educational Planning. She is very good in communication and has command over Arabic, Enlgish and Urdu. She is debater and Administrator by nature. Her mission in life is preaching and practice of Islam in the life of Muslims.