Online Home Work

Online Home Work


Class: 1-B
Class: 1-G
Class 11-B
Mathematic: Solve book pg # 126 & 127
Class: 11-G
Class: 111-B
Islamiat: do Q#1 part 34 on N. book and also do Q 4 Pg # 137
Class: 111-G
Islamiat: Do Q#1 part #4 on Note book and Do Q# 4 pg # 137
Class: 1V-B
Science: test will taken on Wednesday Chapter light and shadow
Urdu-B: Topic: latter pattern, application preposition test will be taken on Thursday

Class: 1V-G
S.St: Do pg 72# Activity # 1 on book do your learn last H.W
Class: V-B
Mathematic: Do Q # 1 W.S # 48 part 1, 2, 3 & 4
Islamiat: Do activity 1 on Note book test will be taken on Friday Chapter Shujat wa Delari
S.St: Do pg 112# Activity # 7 on book


Al Razi Campus

Class 1 G
Maths: Capacity. Do page 133 on Countdown.
Class 1 B
Maths: Capacity. Do page 133 on Countdown.
Science: Assessment of Chapter Form (Shape) and Function on Saturday.
Class 2 G
No Home Work
Class 2 B
Islamic Studies: Reading page # 26.
Class 3G
Maths: Do page 149 Q.2 (c)
Page 154 Q.2 (c)
Science: Do page #76 on work book.
Class 3B
Maths: Length page 149 Q.2 (c)

Page 154 Q.2 (c)
Science: Do activity #9.1 on work book.
Draw the diagram of composition of air and label it.
Class 4G
Maths: Do page #197 on Text Book.
Pak Studies: Do page #72
Class 4G
Maths: Do page #197 on Text Book.

Al Zahravi Campus

Class 1 G
Science: Write name of 3 things made up of metal and cloth.
Urdu: Prepare dictation words of chapter “Rabbit”.
Math’s: Learn Table 2-7.
Class 1 B
Science: Test of “uses of objects” will be held by tomorrow.
Islamiat: Test will be held on Thursday.
Math: Learn tables 2-7.
Class 2 G
Islamic studies: Test will be held by tomorrow.
Social Studies: Do book Pg # 65.

Class 2 B
Urdu: Prepare dictation words.
Math: Pg # 147 Q # 3 on notebook.
Arabic: Learn Pg # 12, 13, 14.
Class 3G
Islamic studies: Pg # 160 do on page.
Science: draw diagram of composition of air from text book.
Class 3B
Science: Learn first two Question of topic matter.
Class 4B
Math: Revise fraction 1.
Arabic: Learn Pg # 76-79.
Class 4G
Science: Test of pollination, scientific names, sexual & bisexual flowers on
Social Studies: Draw or paste Logo for topic environment.
Math: Revise fraction 1.

Class 5G
Islamic studies: Do reading of next chapter.
Math: Do Pg # 263 Question # 2, 3 on notebook from book.
Class 5B
Arabic: Test of chapter 16.
Social studies: Test of Baluchistan and K.P.K will be on Saturday.

F-8 Campus

Class 1 B
Science: Read pg # 113 and 114 from textbook.
Class 2 B
Science: Reminder : text of states of matter will be on Jan 30 th , 2019.
Pak study: Do reading of book pg 65, 66, 67.
Class 3 B
Maths: Topic weight Do Q #1 of pg # 155 and Q # 1 of pg # 156 on Notebook.
Class 4 B
History: Define pollution in your own words.
Class 4 C

Urdu:درخواست برائے فیس معافی لکھ کر لائیں۔

History: Define Pollution in your own words.
Class 5 B
Science: Do the given work sheet. ‘ The Universe’.

Pak studies: "شجاعت و دلیری" کے سوال 2،4،6، کاپی پر کریں۔

Class 6 B

Urdu: سوال نمبر 4 کتاب پر کریں اہم نکات کی مدد سے خلاصہ لکھیں۔

Science: Q# 5 pg # 55 of text book.

Al Beruni Campus (G-10/2)

Class: I-B
Learn tables 3 to 5.
Class: II-B
English B:
Write paragraph on My Best Friend.
Class: III-B
Wrirte a letter. Khat likhye or apny taya ko ghar anay ki dawat dain.

Solve temperature worksheet of ch 3.

Class: IV-B
Test of Time will be on Tuesday.

Class 1G
Do page 129 on count down.
Class: II-G
English A:
Test of lady bird on Wednesday.
Class: III-G
English B:
Paragraph Writing
Write paragrapgh about “I want to be…..”
Class: IV-G
Apny nana ko letter likh kr unki kheriat maaloom krein.