Online Home Work

Online Home Work

Al Razi Campus

Class 1
Islamic studies: Do pg# 104 Q#2 part 2 on book.
Class 2
Islamic studies: Revise Duaa for wearing cloth, follow the manners of listening to
Azan, and guide other family members also.
Class 3G
Math: Do pg# 31 on 3A
Class 3B
Science: Assessment of Ch: Parts of a flower will be on Friday.
Islamic studies: Prepare test مسنونو وضو for tomorrow.
Class 4B
Islamic studies: آج باجماعت نماز ادا کریں اور اس پر غور کریں
Class 4G

No home work

Aims F-8 Campus

Class 1 B
English: Do two page of hand writing practice book.
Science: Do activity 7.2 on work book.
Social studies: Test of my school will be on Monday.
(Notebook and book)
Class 2B
English: Two pages of hand writing practice book.
Arabic: (Reminder) Oral test of chapter 3 and 4 will be tomorrow.
Class 3B
English: Reminder Test of the Centerville ghost chapter 1, 2 and 3 will
be taken on Friday May 24, 2019.
Islamic studies: Sabaq hazrat nooh A.S sawal no. 1 ka juz 3 kapi par
Class 3C
English: Reminder Test of adjectives, adverbs and adverbials will be
taken by tomorrow May 29, 2019.
Science: retest of parts of a flower on May 29, Wednesday.
Class 4B
English: Do the work on worksheet—creative writing.
Science: Read chapter classifying materials.
Islamic studies: Jumay ko jaiza liya jaye ga bajamat namaz ka.

Class 4C
English: Do the work on worksheet—creative writing
Arabic: Reminder Test of lesson 12 will be tomorrow.
Class 5B
Science: Activity 6.1 on workbook page no. 64, 65, and 66.
Class 6
Social studies: Page no. 15 and 16 for homework.
Class 7B
Science: Do page no. 62 and 63 on work books.
Class 8B
Science: H.W
Complete missing work.
Pak studies: Unit no. 1 Mughals long question test on Wednesday.
(Reasons of downfall of Mughal Empire)
Class 9B
Chemistry: Solve question 3, 4 and 5 from exercise of unit no. 4.
Islamic studies: Surat ul anfal k pehlay 2 ruku, or pehli 2 ahadees k
tarjumay ka test ho ga.
Class 10
Science: Draw Fig 9.40 page no. 212 on blank page.

Marjan Campus

Class 2-A:
Islamic Studies: Tomorrow is test of azan-e-Iqamat sharing
Class 3-A/G:
English: Test of 1 st Term Three chapters of Naval.
Arabic: Bring unit 2 book tomorrow.

Class 5-A:
English: Test of 1 st three chp of naovel wil be taken on Friday.
Class V-G: Do Q#2 and Q#4 of your book exercise in H.w PG #
Class 6-A: Test of ch # 2 on Saturday.