Online Home Work

Online Home Work


Class: 1-B

Class: 1-G

Class 11-B and G
Urdu: Test preparation + Page 28, 29.
Class: 111-B
Maths: Do page # 51 in 3A.

Class: 111-G.

Class: 1V-B
Math’s: Do page # 41 in 4A.
Science: Write down undesirable effects of global warming.

Class: 1V-G
Arabic: Test of chapter 9 will be on Saturday. Which sea is located with Pakistan?

Arabic: Learn chapter 4.

Arabic : Learn chapter 4.

Al Zahravi Campus

Class 1 G
Islamiat: Do reading of next chapter.
Class 1 B
Islamiat: Do reading of next chapter.
Class 2
Urdu: Do reading of next chapter and underline the difficult words.
Science: Do activity 7.1 on pg # 71-72 on workbook.
Class 3G
Science: Do reading of pg 3 38-39 from text book.
Urdu: Do Pg # 45-46 on book.
Islamic studies: Test will be held by tomorrow.
Class 3B
Science: Learn key points of chapter food chain & webs.
Math: Prepare test of subtraction.
Class 4B
Islamic Studies: Do H.W and prepare test for Friday.

Urdu: Test will be held on Thursday.
Class 4G
Islamic studies: Do H.W and prepare test for Friday.
Math’s: Do worksheet # 15 on 4A.
Class 5
Science: State general function of EMA on notebook.
Math’s: Do worksheet # 14 on 5A.

Al Razi Campus

Class 1
No Home work
Class 2
Math: D o pg# 63, 64, 65 on 2A
Islamic studies: Do pg#152 on book, Ch: سونے جاگنے کے آداب
Class 3G
No Home work
Class 3B
Islamic Studies: Do Q@ 1 part 2 on notebook, Ch: مسنون وضو کے
Class 4B
No home work
Class 4G
English: prepare test of types of noun and singular plural.

Al Beruni Campus (G-10/2)

Class: I-B
Do Q no 1 of book pg 17.
Class: II-B
Do pg 51, 52 on work book.
Do page 6+ 7 on book
Class: III-B
Do activity 4.1 4.2 on pg 26, 27 and 28
Class: IV-B
Do pg 37 on w. book
Class 1G

Retest of chapter 1 will be on Monday

Class: II-G
Testt of humary parosi will be on Thursday
S. studies
Learn areas of city and memorize community helpers
Class: III-G
Write three example herbivores and paste their pictures.
Class: IV-G
Do book pg 34.