Online Home Work

Online Home Work

Al Zahravi Campus

Class 1 G
Social studies: Do book Pg # 18.

Class 1 B
Urdu: Prepare dictation words and make sentences.
Social studies: Do book Pg # 18.
Class 2
Urdu: Prepaare dictation words. Do Pg 70 on book.
Science: Test of solids and liquids.

Class 3G
Science: Test of a diagram of a flower with labeling.
Math: Do worksheet # 9Pg # 40-42 on 3A.
Class 3B
Math: Do Pg # 78-81 on 3-A.
Islamic Studies: Do reading of next chapter.
Class 4B
English: Make sentences of chapter the great white shark.
Science: Assessments of wastes in our body.
Class 4G
English: Do reading of chapter 3 of novel.
Arabic: Learn chapter 5, 6 for test. Test will be held on Wednesday.

Class 5
Urdu: Do H.W.
Science: Test of topic water cycle will be on Tuesday.
Maths: Do worksheet # 10 from book 5A.

Aims F-8 Campus

Class 1 B
Urdu:Naik bacha, muzakkr monas or wahid jama ka jaiza (test) mangal
ko liya jaye ga, kaewan e urdu safa no. 19 kitab par krna hai.
Maths: learn and write table of 3.
Islamic studies: pg 64 and 65, do question no. 2 on book.
Class 2 B
Urdu: Garmi ka mosam parhye or karwan e urdu safa no. 44 or 45 kijye.
Arabic: Do revise vocabulary words in Arabic.
Islamic studies: Page no. 152 do question no. 2 on book.
Class 3B
Science: learn questions of chapter 2.
Class 3C
English: Two pages of hand writing practice book.
Maths: Topic Addition
Learn and write table of 12 and 13.
Class 4B
Science: Test of “wastes in our body” will be taken on
Wednesday May 8, 2019.

Class 4C
English: Exercise A, page no. 7 on activity book.
Social studies: page no. 4, question no. 1 part (C).
Class 5
Science: draw and label the diagram of hydrologic cycle. Page no. 31.
Class 6B
Social studies: Name the galaxy in which we live.
Class 7B
Science: revise test of “from cell to organism” will be taken on
Social studies: draw and label the diagrams on page 11 of book.
Class 8B
No homework
Class 9B
No homework
Class 10
No homework.

Al Razi Campus

Class 1
Eng: Learn words meaning of silver on the hearth.
Math: Do pg# 29, 30, 31, 32, on 1A
Pak studies: Do pg# 18 on book
Class 2
Eng: Test of Swallows will be on Wednesday
Math: Do pg# 33, 34, 36,37 on 2A
Class 3G
Math: Do pg# 46, 47 on 4A
Eng: Test of punctuation and noun on Saturday
Islamic st: Do pg# 26
Class 3B
Math: Test of capacity and length will be on Tuesday
Class 4B

Math: Do pg# 41 on 4A
Science: Q. what are the ways to protect the earth’s environment.
Class 4G
Islamic studies: Reading ch: Taharat