Online Home Work

Online Home Work


Class: 1-B
Class: 1-G
Arabic: test of pg 61 till 65 will be on tomorrow
Class 11-B
Islamiat: Asma ul Hasan 1 to 14 and duaay 5 to 10 test will taken on Friday
Arabic: test of pg 52 till 61 will be on Wednesday
Science: learn chapter “ Growing Animal”
Class 11-G
Arabic” on Saturday test of pg # 55. 56 57, 59 60 and 61
Class: 111-B
Math: Do pg # 148,149, 150 just in book
Class: 111-G
Science: Test of chapter “ Air has mass and occupies space” will be on Friday
Class: 1V-B
Math: test of angle on Wednesday
Arabic” test of chapter 11 unit 2 chapter 3 and 5 unit 3 will be on tomorrow

Class: 1V-G
Islamiat : Read chapter Raham dali Do pg 137 on book
Class: V-B
S.St: do pfg # 112 and #3
Islamait: Do activity pg # 46 and read Chapter Temardaree k aadab

Al Razi Campus

Class 1 G
Pak Studies: Do page #49
Class 1 B
English: Test of “Adverb” will be tomorrow.
Class 2 G
English: Prepare “The Ladybird”.
Science: Revise Chapter: Grouping Animals.
Pak Studies: Test of Chapter : “Pollution ” will be on Friday.
Class 2 B
Arabic: Reading of page 55-56.
Class 3G
Class 3B
Class 4B

Arabic: Reading of Chapter 6
Class 4G
Pak Studies: Test of Chapter: Communication will be on Saturday.

F-8 Campus

Class 1 B
English: The Crow and the Jug W/M for test.
Science: Do the activity no # 9.2 of pg # 106 ,110 on activity book.
Pak studies: Test of social Behavior will be on Monday Feb 11,2019.
Class 2 B
English: Bring hand writing practice book by tomorrow.
Arabic: Do revise pg 1 and 13.
Pak studies: Do Book pg 59 Test of safety will be on Monday Feb 11, 2019.
Class 3 B
English: (1)Two pages of handwriting.
(2) Reading of chapter strange friends from Folens.

Islamic studies:حسن اخلاق کے سوال 3، کاپی پر کریں۔ اور صفحہ 137 کتاب پر مکمل کریں۔

Class 3 C
English: Test of letter writing will be taken on Thursday Feb 14, 2019
Science: Test of Temperature will be taken on Feb 13, 2019 Wednesday. Final date.
Class 4 B
English: Exe. D pg no, 24 and Exe E pg no, 27 on activity book .
Science: Test of “forces at work” gain on Monday Feb 11.

Islamic studies:رحمدلی کے سوال 1،2،3 کاپی پر کریں۔

Class 4 C
English: Exe .D pg no 24 and Exe E pg no 27 on activity book.
Arabic: Write 30 difficult words of chap# 6 and 7 Unit 2 on rough N/book.
Islamic studies:"وعدے کی پابندی" کے سوال 1،3 کاپی پر کریں۔ رحمدلی کے سوال 1،2،4 کاپی
پر کریں۔

Class 5 B
English: Write summary of ch.9 of the reader.
Science: Test of the ‘Universe’ will be taken on Tuesday February 12 2019.
History: 1) Declaration of right of children.
2) Test of Communication on Wednesday.

Islamic studies:سبق امانت کے سوال 1،2،4 کاپی پر کریں۔

Class 6 B
History: Test on Monday Indus.

Al Beruni Campus (G-10/2)

Class: I-B
English B:
Write a paragraph about My School.
Test of ch 4 forms, shapes and function on next Wednesday.
Class: II-B
English B: Prepare the paragraph “A Picnic Place”..
Memorization of the given pages 52 and 53 at home.
Class: III-B
Do homework, Q1
Write down three examples of each state of matter.
Islamic Studies:
Test of Hazrat Mohammad(pbuh) and test of Hazrat Usman Ghani
will be tomorrow.
Class: IV-B

Islamic Studies:
Test of “Waday ki pabndi will be tomorrow.
Do page 156 Q1 part 1 and 2 on notebook.
Class: I-G
Islamic Studies:
Revise Aadith 6,9,10, from Zad e Momin book.
Class II.G
English A:
Complete picture description.
Memorization of the given pages 52 and 53 at home.
Social Studies:
Draw Zebra crossing/ traffic signs
Q Page 65-70 on book.
Class: III-G
English C:
Test of Canterville Ghost ch 9-10 on Monday.
Do homework, Q1
Write down three examples of each state of matter.
Class: IV-G
English C: Test of Save the forest ch 5-8 on Monday.