Online Home Work

Online Home Work


Class: 1-B
English: test og tiger and sheep ( words meanings) will be on taken on Wednesday
Class: 1-G
Islamiat: test will take Do pg # 4,5 and 9
Islamiat; How can you become a good Muslim
Science: test of Ch: from shape and function will be on Wednesday (Feb 2, 2019)
Class 11-B
English: test of paragraph writing will be on Friday Topic: My school, My pet visit to the zoo
S.St: Draw traffic signal and zebra crossing on your notebook.
Class: 11-G
Class: 111-B
Science: Do QNo1. On T.B pg 112 D Q# 9.1 on W.B Draw a diagram of composition of air v+ question on
Class: 111-G
English: test of summery writing will be taken on Friday
Islamiat: Chapter Husna Ikhlaq Do pg # 148 and 149 on book and test will be Saturday
Science: Do pg 76 on Wednesday

Class: 1V-B
Class: 1V-G
Class: V-B
Science: universe test will be taken tomorrow on Saturday
Class: V-G

F-8 Campus

Class 1 B

Urdu:اردو بی : عبارت لکھیئے، "میری سب سے اچھی استانی"۔
نظم بچے کی دعا زبانی یاد کیجیئے۔

Islamic studies: Revise next five Asma-ul-Husna.
Class 2 B
English: (1) Bring book reviews on Monday.
(2) Two pages of handwriting.
Islamic studies: Revise next four Asma-ul-Husna from zaas-e-Momin.

Urdu:نظم : ہمدردی کاروانِ اُردو صفحہ نمبر 120 زبانی یاد کیجیئے۔
اُردو بی : تتلی اور چڑیا کے درمیان مکالمہ مکمل کیجیئے۔

Class 3 B
English: (1) Bring book reviews on Monday.
(2) Practice letter writing at home.
Class 3 C
Science: Reminder : Text on Feb,2019 of temperature.
Class 4 B
Science: Revise: Test of ‘ light and Shadow’ will be taken on Wednesday Feb 6,2019.
Islamic studies: Do pg= 117 on Book.
Class 4 C

English: Exe D on pg # 24 of Grammar skills.
History: page # 72 Q # 5.
Class 5 B
English: Exe. D, pg no 21 on Activity book.
Islamic studies: Test Reminder ‘طارق بن زیاد بدھ کو
Class 6 B
History: Settlement of Aryan.
Class 7 B
Science: Effects of forces.
History: Many sides of Ghazni mind map.