Why AIMS Education System?

Quran Studies

- Hifz-e-Quran
- Nazra Quran
- Tajweed/Pronunciation
- Tarjuma/Translation
- Tafsir/Interpretation


- Masnoon Duah
- Hadeeth Studies
- Fiq/Jurisprudence
- Seerah Studies

Arabic Language

- Reading & Writing
- Verbal Communication
- Grammer

Love Islam

- Montessori level entry into Islamic Studies
- Stories From Quran And Hadith
- Introduction to Seerah Studies

Gender specific blocks

Our campuses have segregated classes and facilities which allow us to uphold our Islamic values.

Campus Masjid

AES has constructed a musjid for our students and staff to dutifully perform their Salah.

Outsourced Transport

AES has arranged a third-party transport service to cater to the student's traveling needs


To cater to inquisitive young minds, our libraries are furnished with a beautiful blend of both classic and contemporary works of literature


- Home Economics Laboratory
- Mathematics and Robotics Laboratory
- Computer Laboratory

Multimedia Hall

AES has also been equipped with two multimedia halls which are used to hold various seminars, workshops, meetings, and conferences.

Evening Study Camps

In case some of our students are struggling in their studies, evening study camps are organized after school.

Research And Development

There is a dedicated Research and Development department for each subject at AES to improve the curriculum.

Admission procedure and requirements


Online Application

Open the online application. Please fill in all the fields as accurately as possible. Click to submit.


Confirmation Email

Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation email with your registration ID and application details.


Application Review

Your application will now be reviewed by the admissions committee. If it meets our criteria, you will be invited to an interview


Admission Letter

After the interview, we will notify you of a decision within 01 week. The admission letter and fee voucher will be sent to you via email and can be submitted on campus

Interview guideliness

Please reach at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled interview time. All mobiles must be kept on silent during the interview.

The interview focuses on areas that are related to our core curriculum. To prepare your child for the interview, help them to listen and follow simple instructions.

For elementary interviews, prepare your child by asking them to observe surroundings, numbers, colors, shapes, alphabets, certain words written on books.

Ask open-ended questions which gives the child an opportunity to think critically and answer.

Important dates for year 2021

Events Dates
Admission application submission for all classes February - March
Test Dates Every Saturday of March and April
Interviews of shortlisted candidates Within next 2 weeks of test
Fee submission Within next 2 weeks of admission letter

Age group

Class Minimum Age Maximum Age
Junior Montessori 2 years 6 months 3 years 4 months
Senior Montessori 3 years 6 months 4 years 5 months
Prep 4 years 6 months 5 years 5 months
Class 1 (I) 5 years 6 months 6 years 5 months
Class 2 (II) 6 years 6 months 7 years 5 months
Class 3 (III) 7 years 6 months 8 years 5 months
Class 4 (IV) 8 years 6 months 9 years 5 months
Class 5 (V) 9 years 6 months 10 years 5 months
Class 6 (VI) 10 years 6 months 11 years 5 months
Class 7 (VII) 11 years 6 months 12 years 5 months
Class 8 (VIII) 12 years 6 months 13 years 5 months
Class 9 (IX) 13 years 6 months 14 years 5 months
Class 10 (X) 14 years 6 months 15 years 5 months
Class 11 (XI) 15 years 6 months 16 years 5 months
Class 12 (XII) 16 years 6 months 17 years 5 months

Fee and fund structure

Particulars Islamabad Campuses Rawalpindi Campuses
Normal Schooling
Registration Fee Rs 5,000 Rs 5,000
Admission Fee Rs 23,000 Rs 15,000
Monthly Fee Rs 15,000 Rs 11,000
Annual Fund Rs 15,000 Rs 10,000
Hifz Program
Registration Fee Rs 5,000 Hifz program is
available only in
F-8 campus Islamabad
Admission Fee Rs 23,000
Monthly Fee Rs 15,000
Annual Fund Rs 15,000

Click here to read our refund policy, revision in fee, fee challan distribution process and fine policy

Frequently asked questions

Yes, admissions are open for classes subject to the availability of seats.

First of all, child has to appear for written, physical fitness and psychological test. After clearing all the tests child is eligible for admission.

H-8 is our main campus, other branches are; in PWD, in Gulzar-e-Quaid, in G-10 and one Hifz section in F-8.

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