Our Story : AIMS Education System

Our Story

Twenty years into the field, AES has a strong education system with syllabi especially created by our creative teams to cater to your child’s mental needs. Alongside material sciences, languages, arts and religion, we offer comprehensive Nazirah classes for your child, and a Hifz-E-Qur’an department solely dedicated to the memorization and recitation of Qur’an by over 1000 young Muslim students, with annual graduates of a number up to 50.
These courses are offered to both boys and girls, each given a customized environment and every facility requirable.

Message of Chairman

AES aims at creating a generation that truly comprehends the magnitude of their history, both as Muslims and as Pakistanis. An unapologetic youth that owns its ideology and understands the significance of the immersion of material sciences into the religious sciences, is the key to everything today, and it is this youth of tomorrow that we see in our students of today, In Sha’Allah.

Our Teaching Methodology

Our teaching methods reflect the type and depth of learning we want our students to achieve. The deeper the understanding expected from students, the more active they have to be in their learning. Keeping the outcome of a certain course, module or lesson in mind, we practice methods and strategies to achieve skills that are vital to intellect in the twenty first century. The four Cs, Critical thinking, Creative thinking, Communication and Collaboration are the focal point of teaching methodology here at AES.

Why AES?

The first and foremost responsibility of a Muslim parent is the correct Tarbiyyah of his/her child, and in an age of corruption and immorality, all the Tarbiyyah of the home can be overridden very easily in an external environment that does not follow that Tarbiyyah. With AES, you do not have to worry about that. Your child will not only retain the Islam you have taught him/her here but also learn Islam better under a trained, professional staff and an extremely creative teaching methodology, that subtly integrates our beautiful Deen with material knowledge, helping your child identify and accept him/herself as a young Muslim in the Twenty First Century.

Meet Our Team

Executive Chairman

A ’91 graduate in MPA (Master in public administration) of the illustrious Quaid-E-Azam University, Mr. Almaas Ayoub Sabir is a renowned Pakistani Educationist who started his career in 1993 with the initiation of the famous business school SIBA. One of the founding chairmen of the Institute of Southern Punjab, Multan, AES was his pet project, one that he undertook against the odds and in which he succeeded remarkably, so much so that the chain of schools is counted amongst the most successful ones currently operating in the field. His resilience and patience as he worked on this absolutely new education system was – and remains – extraordinary. May Allah Subhanah wa Ta’ala fulfill his ambitions.


A PhD in Comparative Religion, an eminent female Muslim scholar and a fluent bilingual Islamic Speaker, Dr. Amat-Ul-Rafi Muhammad Bashir co-founded Aims Education System.A Doctorate from the IIUI (International Islamic University, Islamabad), Dr. Bashir handles the administration of the AES, mainly dealing with the Educational Planning and Management Wing. She overlooks the entire educational process at the school and is, by nature, an extremely gifted Administrator & Educator.

Qari Abdul Malik Incharge Hifz Program (Boys Section )
Qari Afzal Tahir Incharge Hifz Program (Girls Section )
Qari Muhammad Fida Subject Facilitator (Nazra Quran Dept)
Mr. Marzooq Subhani Subject Facilitator (Tajweed Dept)
Mr. Saleem Nawaz Subject Facilitator (Arabic Dept)
Mr. Sohail Fareedon Subject Facilitator (Mathematics Dept)
Mr. Faqeer Hussain Subject Facilitator (Social Studies Dept)
Mr. Rashid Imran Subject Facilitator (English Dept)
Mr. Sabeeh Azhar Subject Facilitator (Practice Math Dept)
Md. Asra Batool Subject Facilitator (Urdu Dept)
Md. Nazish Rafique Subject Facilitator (Character Building / Teacher Trainer)
Md. Asma Homair Subject Facilitator (Islamic studies dept /Love Islam Programe)
Md. Amna Abbas Subject Facilitator (Junior Montessori)
Md. Fozia Shaheen Subject Facilitator (Senior Montessori)
Mr. Nauman Mazhar Coordinator SSC / HSSC Section)
Mr. Murtaza Zaidi Coordinator (F-8/4 Boys Section / Teacher Trainer)
Md. Farah Afzal Coordinator (Co-curricular/ Subject Facilitator (Art and Craft Dept.)
Md. Noshi un Naz Chohan Coordinator (Marjan Campus)
Md. Ghosia Sohrab Coordinator (G-10 Branch)
Md. Noor ul Ain Coordinator (I-8 Branch)
Md. Nimra Coordinator (Gulzar-e- Quaid Branch)
Md. Maliya Shaheen Coordinator (PWD Branch)