Online Homework

Online Homework

Aims Iban-Al-Haytham

Date: January 22, 2020, Day: Wednesday
Class: 1-B, 1-G
Arabic: Test of Chapter 1 will be Tomorrow.
Class 2-B and 2-G
Arabic: Learn Chapter 17, Page 55-56.
Class: 3-B
No Homework.
Class: 3-G
No Homework.
Class: 4-B
Arabic: Learn Chapter 2 Unit 3.
Class: 4-G
Arabic: Test of Chapter#2 Unit 3 will be on Friday.
Class 5-B, 5-G
Arabic: Learn Chapter 3 Unit 5,

Marjan Campus

Class 1 A:
Science:test of chapter “form(shapes)and function will be
taken on Monday.
S studies:test of “road safety” will be on Monday.
Class 2 A:
Science: Draw a diagram of wind vane and anemometer.
S studies: test of “our country” will be on Friday.
Draw pictures of traffic light and zebra crossing on your

Class 4-A:
Arabic: Unit 3, chapter# 2 test will be on Thursday.
Class 4-B:
Science: test of the chapter “Light and Shadow” will be on