Online Home Work

Online Home Work


Class: 1-B
English: Chapter 10, 11 of happy prince test will be taken on Monday
Class: 1-G
S.St: Do pg 57
Class 11-B
S.St: Do pg 45 Q# 7and 8
Class 11-G
Urdu: do revision C.W and learn dictation words Chapter chand ke sayar
Class: 111-B
Islamiat: Do Q#2 on pg 136 Read Chapter Husana Ikhlaq
Class: 111-G
Class: 1V-B
Mtahs: Dio work sheet # 47 in 4-b
Islamiat: Do Q # 4 on pg 118 read chapter Wada ke pabandi
Urdu: test will be taken on Monday Chapter Shaikh Saddi

Class: 1V-G
Islamiat: Do Q # 4 on pg 118
Class: V-B
Maths: do W.S #47 Q# 1,2 in 5B
Arabic: Test of Ch# 2 will be on Tuesday
S.St: Test will be taken on Testday Chapter Khyber pakhtunkhawa Balochestan

Al Zahravi Campus

Class 1 G
Social studies: Learn definition of our world.
Science: Assessment of full chapter “food” will be on Tuesday.
English: Test of the fox and the jug is on Wednesday.

Class 1 B
Science: Write names of thing made up of metal and cloth from notebook.
English: Test of the fox and the jug is on Wednesday.
Arabic: Learn Pg # 34-38.
Class 2 G
Urdu: Do H.W.
English: Revise adverb from grammar skills for test on Monday.

Class 2 B
Urdu: Do H.W.
Science: Learn worksheet of chapter state of matter.

Class 3G
Urdu: Write a letter.
Class 3B
Urdu: Do Pg # 145 on book.
English: Test of sly kingfisher is on Monday.
Islamic Studies: Do Pg # 136 on book.
Class 4B
Arabic: Test of chapter 1 will be on Tuesday.
English: Learn dictation words of first two chapters.
Science: Learn first three Questions of first chapter.
Class 4G
Math: Revise fraction2 topics.
English: Prepare test of novel for Wednesday.
Islamic studies: Do reading of next chapter.

Class 5G
Islamic studies: Test will be on Tuesday & Do H.W.
Science: Prepare of first chapter again
Social studies: Learn K.P.K and Baluchistan.
Class 5B
Social studies: Write about people of Kalash.
Urdu: Do Reading of all chapters.
Math: Test of decimal will be on Monday.

Al Razi Campus

Class 1 G
NO Home work
Class 1 B
Maths: Oral test of tables will be on Monday 2-9.
Written test of tables will be Tuesday 6-9.
Science: Q1. Do activity no. 9.1 of page no. 102-103 on activity book.
Q2. Do the activity no. 9.2 of page no. 106-110 on activity book.
Pak Studies: Do page #57
Islamic Studies: Reading Chapter “نماز”.
Class 2 G
Maths: So page #124 on Count down.
Science: Assessment of chapter:”Wind Energy” will be on Wednesday.
Class 2 B
Urdu: Do Work Sheet.
Maths: Do page # 124 on Count down.

Class 3G
Science: Do activity No.# 9.1 on work book.
Class 3B
English: Assessment of the Future Tense will be on Monday.
Class 4G
Maths: Do page # 63, 64 on W.B 4B.
Arabic: Reading of Chapter# 6.
Class 4B
Maths: Do page # 63, 64 on W.B 4B.

F-8 Campus

Class 1 B

Urdu: بچے کی دُعا پہلے اشعار زبانی یاد کیجیئے۔
گابا اُرود خوش خطی ایک صفحہ کیجیئے،

Class 2 B
Urdu: کاروانِ اُردو صفحہ نمبر 120 نظم ہمدردی پیلے چار اشعار زبانی یاد کیجئے۔نظم کا زبانی
جائزہ پیر کو لیا جاائے گا۔
گابا اُردو خوش خطی ایک صفحہ کیجئے۔

English: Write an essay on “A visit to a picnic point”.
Class 3 B
Urdu: علامہ اقبال کا بچپن کا پڑھائی جائزہ تیار کیجئے ۔
خط، حروف، اسم ،فعل، صفت اسم معرفہ اور نکرہ کا جائزہ منگل کو لیا جائے گا ۔
گابا اُردو خوش خطی ایک صفحہ کیجئے،

Class 3 C
English: Reminder: Test of past and Future Tense from grammar skills will be taken on
Wednesday, Jan 30, 2019.
Maths: Topic: length
Do Q# 1 of pg # 153 and Q # 3 of pg # 154 on Notebook.
Class 4 B
Science: Activity 8.1 on work book.
Islamic studies:"وعدے کی پابندی" کے سوال 1،3 کاپی پر کریں۔

Class 4 C
English: Exe. B pg no 18 on Activity Book .
History: Page # 72 Activity # 2.
Class 5 B
Science: Define observatory.
Class 7 B
English: Test of Unit 09 on Monday 28/01/2019
Class 8 B
Maths: Test of Theorem 10.4 on Monday.

Al Beruni Campus (G-10/2)

Class: II-B
English B:
Learn Test of Preposition and Verbs.
Class: III-B
English A:
Learn summary of If I Knew.
Do page 120 and 121 on count down.
Test of Time will be on Tuesday.
Assessment of ch 3 on Monday.
Class: IV-B
Social Studies:
Assessment of Communication on Wednesday.
Do book pageno 73, Q no 5.

Class 1G
Assessment of ch 3, Food on Wednesday.
Class: II-G
English B:
Learn and prepare Preposition and Adverb Chapters.
Class: III-G
English B:
Paragraph Writing
Write paragrapgh about Winter Vacation.
Class: IV-G
English B:
Paragraph Writing
Write paragrapgh about “I am thankful to Allah”.