Online Home Work

Online Home Work

Al Razi Campus

Class 1 G
Science: Assessment of Chapter# form (shape) and function.
Pak Studies: Test of Chapter “Our World” will be on Wednesday.
Class 1 B
English: Test of “Adverbs” on Tuesday.
Urdu: مزکر کے مونث لکھیے.
نانا- ماموں- مرغا- بکرا
Class 2 G
Maths: Do page # 183 on Count down.
Class 2 B
Arabic: Test of page 44-50 on Saturday.
Islamic Studies: Revise 3 rd and 4 th Kalma from Zaad-e-Momin.
Class 3G
Maths: Length page 148
Q-2 (a,b,c) on note book.

Class 3B
Maths: Length page 148
Q-2 (a,b,c) on note book.
Science: Q.1 Write down three examples of each state of matter?
Q.2 Do Q#1 on text book page #112.
Class 4B
Pak Studies: Test of Chapter “Agriculture in Pakistan” will be on Wednesday.
Science: Test of Chapter “ Forces at work” will be on Monday.
Class 4G
English: Assessment of Direct/Indirect and the Tenses will be on Thursday.

Al Beruni Campus (G-10/2)

Class 1B
Social Studies :
Bring stickers of road signs.
Class: II-B
Islamic Studies :
Revise 10 Asma ul Husna at home.
Achi si kahani parhye or 5 sawalat bnaye. (Tafheem)
Class: III-B
English B:
Write letter to your friend and tell him about yiur exam
Do Q4, page 114 on notebook.
Class: IV-B
Islamic Studies :
Do page 72, activity no 1.

Class 1G
Revise tests of all chapters. The tests of all of them is on
Class: II-G
English C:
Test of White Fang will be tomorrow.
Achi si kahani parhye or 5 sawalat bnaye. (Tafheem)
Class: III-G
Do Q4, page 112 on notebook.
Class: IV-G
Test of unit 3 will be on Tuesday.

F-8 Campus

Class 1 B
English: The Happy Prince read chaps.
Maths: Do table of 8 on Notebook.
Arabic: Revise pg No# 30 till 72.
Class 2 B
Maths: Do table of 13 on Notebook.
Science: Do activity # 5.3 on workbook.
Islamic studies: Revise 1 st five Asma-ul-Husna from zaad-e-momin.
Class 3 B
Maths: Do table of 14 on Notebook.
Islamic studies:"گفتگو کے آداب" کے سوال (ج- ا) کاپی پر کریں۔
Class 3 C
English: Test of past and Future Tense from grammar skills will be taken on Wednesday
Jan 30, 2019.
Science: What happens when we place the thermometer in cold water.
Class 4 B
Urdu: درخواست برائے ضروری کام کیجیئے۔
English: Exe. B pg no 19 , Activity Book.
Islamic studies: Test Reminder.
History: page # 72 Activity # 2

Class 4 C
Science: Why transparent object cannot form shadow?
Islamic studies: Test Reminder "عفودرگزر"
Class 5 B
English: Exe A, B and C pg no 92- Folens.
Class 6 B
Science: What are the effects of forces?
Class 7 B
Science: Revise test.