Fee And Fund Structure

Refund Policy

The management of AIMS Education System has formulated a refund policy. Parents are requested to read it carefully and claim for the refund as per policy given.

  1. Registration Fee is Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable
  2. Admission Fee is Non-Transferable but it may be refunded partially (according to the following schedule) .
Days After Admission% Of Refund
During first 10 days75% Refund
From the 11th day to the 20th day50% Refund
From the 21th day to the 30th day25% Refund
After the lapse of 30 daysNo Refund
  • Monthly fee will not be refunded.
  • Parents are advised to fill a refund form in order to claim for the refund of admission fee.
  • Registration fee once submitted is non transferable and non-refundable.
  • Admission fee is also non-transferable.
  • Parents are advised to follow the policy in order to save themselves from any inconvenience.

Revision In Fee

  • Decision of increase in fee will be made by the Administrative and Finance Committee of the school keeping in view the inflation rates announced by the government of Pakistan and the prevailing real market inflation and situation.
  • Dues will be increased on per annum basis. However due to the inflation, changes may be brought before the completion of one year. An increase of ten to twenty percent is expected every year.

Fee Challan Distribution Process

Till now the Challan Forms have been issued on the monthly basis by the AIMS Management but in future the fee challan will be issued for two months. Management distributes fee challan among the students in their classes usually during first four days of the month. Parents are responsible to get Chelan, if they don’t receive through their children, they can get it through following ways:

  • They can visit school to get fee challan.
  • They can ask their son or daughter to contact the branch head or fee section for this purpose.
  • They can contact school Fee Section on the cell No 0333-8123456 or phone No 051-27 22 123-4 to get a new fee challan personally from the Head Office or through the concerned student(s).
  • They can also ask management to send them fee challan through email.
  • They can visit school’s website i.e www.aims.net.pk and can get fee challan by given registration number of student.

Fine Policy

  • Management appreciates and advises parents to deposit the fee on or before 10th of every month which is the last date. In case of Sunday or any holiday on the 10th, the next working day will be considered the last date.
  • 50 rupees per day fine will be charged after due date.
  • Parents are requested to pay fee in time to avoid fine.
  • Management reveals it for the knowledge of parents that an amount of fine is not consumed by the management at school.