Beyond Academics

Academic Development Departments  

Tasheen Al-Nafs/Character Building 

Modern media and Internet have been designed to cast a shadow on the emotions, spirit, and mind of our children. It is our duty to lay the foundation for a solid Muslim character so that our new generation can face this fitnah with strong patience and clear understanding. In Tasheen Al-Nafs, a practical and systematic methodology of character building continuously developed, tested, and improved upon with the sole purpose of bringing up our children with morals and conduct upheld in the teachings of Islam.  

In addition, students who require some help dealing with emotional trauma and hardship are given the opportunity to speak with our experienced and highly trained counselors who will help them deal with their problems and work towards solutions. 

Department of Academic Evaluation (AE) 

Excellence in education cannot be achieved without constant monitoring and evaluation. In order to maintain our high standards of education, subject facilitators, or SFs, are stationed at the head of each academic department. By assessing teachers’ lesson plans, observing the learning efficiency of students, and evaluating student’s notebooks and examinations, they ensure the continued deliverance of quality education to students of Aims. 

Department of Research & Development (R&D) 

Research and Development is the back bone of the Aims Education System. This department has been designed to achieve our objective of creating a truly harmonious blend of Islamic and contemporary education by introducing and implementing modern educational philosophies and methodologies through the lens of the lessons taught to us by Allah and His Messenger . Working very close with the AE Department, our experienced researchers and educators in R&D use the feedback provided to them to make changes in our curriculum in order to improve its effectiveness and bring us one step closer to the place where the two oceans of knowledge meet. 

Department of Professional Development 

The Department of Professional Development is intended to provide special training to all members of the Aims staff, both academic and administrative, regarding professional conduct and ethics, in order to help improve internal operating procedures and protocols, ultimately making the administrative side of the school more streamlined. 

By the grace of Allah, Subhanahu wa-Ta’ala, more than three dozen successful sessions have been completed till now for both new and experienced teachers. 

Montessori Training Institute 

Second to the parents, the teacher is one of the most important links between the learning and future of the student. However, a true teacher will not be able to fulfill their noble responsibility without the use of modern tools and techniques.  

To equip our teachers with this knowledge and training, AES has established an in-house Training Department dedicated to teaching them the Montessori Approach, a revolutionary activity-based teaching methodology. 

Department of Public relations 

Members of the Department of Public relations work to create awareness among the people regarding the true meaning of an Islamic education system and how to teach the lessons given to us by Allah and His Messenger . Meetings with executives, officials of different public and private organizations, teachers, parents, and students of higher-level education institutes, arranged to educate them on how Aims Education System is implementing blended education. 

Co-curricular activities


Pets & Plants Program 

Recently, AES has begun to organize an initiative called the Aims Pets & Plants program. Its objective is to immerse students in the natural world around them and enrich their love and knowledge about Allah’s magnificent creations here on earth. 

Inter & Intra School Competitions 

To help promote a healthy sense of competitiveness and to give its students an opportunity to express their knowledge and talent, AES holds internal competitions arranged by the school itself while also facilitating the participation of its students in the competitions of other schools as well. 

Physical Development Program 

AES has also taken the initiative of developing a dedicated physical development program with the objective of helping students grow into strong and active children while developing their abilities of leadership and cooperation.  

In addition, an annual sports event is held in the National Sports Complex to give students a chance to compete with each other in sports in front of their families. 

Bazam-e-Adab/Aims Literary Society 

Bazam-e-Adab, or the Aims Literary Society, has the objectives of allowing our students to learn more about their mother language, Urdu, as well as both Arabic and English while developing a love for reading true works of literature. Students who participate in the society’s activities will be able to have the opportunity to develop their creative writing skills and language comprehension well also participating in debates and discussions about different topics. The purpose of this is to develop their love of learning to the point where they will grow up to teach others and convey that same love for knowledge.