Heads of Departments

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Academic at AIMS Education System is divided into 12 major departments


1. Department of Urdu

2. Department of English

3. Department of Math

4. Department of Science

5. Department of Arabic

6. Department of Islamic Studies

7. Department of Art & Craft

8. Department of Tajweed

9. Department of Nazra

10. Department of Hifz e Qauran e Karim (Aiwan-e-Quran)

11. Department of Social Studies,

12. Department of History and Geography.


These departments are headed and run by SFs-Subject Facilitators. They are responsible for all interdepartmental activities such as lesson planning, training and preparation of resource material, etc.


All the teachers are trained by TRC to utilize resources for their classes.


1 Aiwan-e-Quran Department of Hifz e Quran e KarimMA-DNQari Tariq Saeed

2 Dept. of TajweedMASir Marzooq Subhani

3 De[artment of Nazara Quran–e-KarimMA-DNQari Fida Ur Rehman

4 Dept. of Translation of Holy Qur’anMAAsif Nooruddin

5 Dept. Of Love IslamMScMadam Asma Homair

6 Dept. of Junior MontessoriBANoshi Un Naz

7 Dept. of Senior MontessoriMAMadam Amna Abas

8 Dept. of Advanced MontessoriBAMadam Razia Akhtar

9 Dept. Of UrduMAMadam Asra Batool

10 Dept. Of EnglishMscRashid

11 Dept. of MathematicsBScSir Sohail Fariddon

12 Dept. Of ScienceBScSir Muhammad Asif

13 Dept. Of ArabicMASir Saleem Nawaz

14 Dept. Of Islamic StudiesMAMadam Asma Homair

15 Dept. of SS, Hist. and Geo.MScSir Fareer Husain

16 Dept. Of Character BuildingMScMadam Nazish Rafique

17 Dept. of St. CounselingMScMadam Nazish Rafique Rafique

18 Dept. of Art & Craft Madam Sadia Rafique Rafique

19 Dept. of SportsBAMr. Mansoor

20 Teachers Training DirectorateMASir Murtaza Ali

21 Note Book rechecking Dept.MAMadam Maliha

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First Day at School! ARE YOU READY ? We provide Islamic Education blended with English Curriculum. At AIMS; we are focused on child’s character building, cultivates Islamic morals, values, etiquettes and manners in the Light of Quraan & Sunnah to reflect the characteristics of a true Muslim.

Head Office


Main Campus, House no: 9, Street 49, F-8/4, Islamabad, Pakistan.  

Tel: ++92-51-225-1922.     Fax: ++92-51-225-1922.

E-mail:  info@aims.net.pk  



Branch Network


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