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Drama is the most universal tool of storytelling and communicating. 

In every culture and society dramatic expression has been prevalent.  Drama at AIMS enables you to gain confidence performing at the stage. You will focus on what it is like to look at different issues, points of view and perspectives. Students will focus on a range of drama skills, styles and techniques to create their own imaginative and creative theatre. 

Exploring drama through characters, issues and situation, focusing on scripted and improvised work and discovering a variety of dramatic genres, Drama at AIMS ensures that students have a well-rounded and exciting curriculum.  Studying drama also gives you an increased confidence in communication skills. 

     Term One

·         Story Telling

·         Animal Rights


     Term Two

·         Exploring Text

·         Characterisation






What Skills Students Develop

·         Devising

·         Performing

·         Evaluating

·         Directing

·         Improvising

·         Listening

·         Watching

·         Challenging

·         Expressing ideas and feelings

·         Discussing ideas

·         Making decisions

·         Acting

·         Role play

·         Exploring with voice

·         Exploring with body language.

·         Characterisation.

·         Mime

·         Symbolism

·         Manipulation of pace

How Students Are Assessed

·         Teacher assessment and feedback

·         Peer evaluation

·         Self-assessment


Assessments in drama are carried out once every half term and students are given structured and focused feedback on each assessment they complete.




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First Day at School! ARE YOU READY ? We provide Islamic Education blended with English Curriculum. At AIMS; we are focused on child’s character building, cultivates Islamic morals, values, etiquettes and manners in the Light of Quraan & Sunnah to reflect the characteristics of a true Muslim.

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