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AIMS Schools Director's personal message to potential applicants I hope that my few words will help you to establish whether you should, or indeed shouldn’t, proceed with your application for one of the above positions. I should like to offer some background to the position, our school and our ethos and philosophy. I am immensely proud to be the Director of AIMS Schools, for it is a school that is both locally and nationally recognised as providing an Islamic education with other subjects and fulfilling experience for its students and most importantly it is a school where people are proud and happy to work and study. We would like to hire qualified and experienced teachers but most importantly, they must be good practicing Muslims as teachers set role models to our students. AIMS Schools have achieved an enviable reputation as an Islamic School and for our passion Qurran and Sunnah and drive to provide a high quality learning experience built upon traditional values.



However, all of this hasn’t come easily as we have been on an incredible journey over the past few years.

When Dr. A,at started the school in 1998, the school faced different challenges but due to the countless blessings of Allah-Ar-Rehman we succeeded in our mission. How things have changed! We are now oversubscribed in every year, we are a true |slamic community school with our doors open from very early in the morning to very late at night, we have incredible facilities and resources, we have a highly qualified and committed staff and a responsive and keen student body. Our successes, attitude and achievements have been publicly acknowledged and many areas of our work have been recognised as outstanding practice. We are looking for passionate, caring and dedicated teachers.


We are a high quality school, we have high quality staff, we have excellent facilities and most importantly we have engaging, imaginative, creative, loyal, surprising and sometimes challenging children who deserve the best. As such, if what I have said resonates with you and you feel that you would like to be part of what we are doing here and feel that you have the skills, drive, enthusiasm and commitment to be a key player in our continued development, please apply.

First Day at School!


First Day at School! ARE YOU READY ? We provide Islamic Education blended with English Curriculum. At AIMS; we are focused on child’s character building, cultivates Islamic morals, values, etiquettes and manners in the Light of Quraan & Sunnah to reflect the characteristics of a true Muslim.   I

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Main Campus, House no: 9, Street 49, F-8/4, Islamabad, Pakistan.  

Tel: ++92-51-225-1922.     Fax: ++92-51-225-1922.




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