Welcome Back Party (Meet & Greet)

Welcome Party

Slogan: “Together we are one”

As practiced across the world, welcoming parties, at the advent of a new session, are always a source of entertainment and they provide a chance to, all participants, to make this event a memorable day for the year to come and at the same time this becomes a source of developing strong bonds and affiliation within students, teachers and Educational Institutions.

AES loves to explore ways and means to promote those feelings of affiliation attachment and care among our students, staff members and the Institution.

Our “Welcome Party” with a slogan “Together we are one” was held on April 11, 2015. Our main campus and branches were decorated and were exhibited remarkably by our brilliant “art n craft” teachers to welcome students. All the students participated with great enthusiasm and while participating they all showed-up and dressed-up colorfully and enjoyed mouth watering delicious food together. Students decorated their classrooms artistically for a competition; where at the end best decorated classroom was awarded by a certificate of appreciation. Apart from all this various fun activities were also organized by the teachers that were participated and enjoyed by all at AES developing a sense of humor, harmony and happiness.