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Junior Section (I –III)

Aims Education System provides appropriate accelerated learning that fosters secure, happy and creative children who are inspired to reach their full potential. Our Individualized Learning Plans are tailored to each child’s unique learning style.

Islamic Linkage has been added to each and every theme/ Lesson to provide Islamic or Religious orientation. At AES Junior Section, we offer a comfortable, low-ratio group atmosphere with learning centered system. Themes & Projects link interdisciplinary activities in your child’s interest areas.


Salient Features:

 The curriculum at AES Junior Section covers Maths concepts, science, physical, social / emotional.

 Character Education & Character Development.

 Critical & creative expressions in all subjects.

 Subject based co-curricular activities like Spellathon, science carnival, subject weeks etc.

 Art & Creative expressions.

 Separate classes for girls & boys.


Islamic Orientation

Special care is being taken to groom the learners from Islamic point of view. Nazrah, Quran-e-Kareem, Tajweed, Love Islam activities are part of curriculum at Junior Section, along with Arabic to foster the understanding of Holy Quran.

 Basic Aqaa’id, Fiqh, Islamic History, Sunnah, Etiquettes, Halal & Haram etc.

 Memorization of various Duas and Surahs for Nazra Students.

 Training of five time daily prayers.